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Meet the Heaven's Country Broadcast Team!

Heaven's Country!  Take It From The Top!

Marty in car

Marty Smith

Founder of Heaven's Country

Hi Everyone! Thanks for stopping by.  A little about me, I've been in radio since 1990.  I started out in Southern Gospel music, but have always leaned toward a country sound.  What you hear on Heaven's Country is like no other radio station in the world.  It's a God given vision.  We are often imitated, but never duplicated.  I love being a Radio DJ!  God has bless me with so much!  I am privileged to play be on the radio everyday.  I am also honored to have been named Radio Personality of the Year numerous times.

So do me a favor, won't you?  Download our free radio app to your iPhone or Smart phone and join me weekday mornings at 7 AM Central/6 MTN Mountain Time, Monday through Friday.  I'll be talking about current events, I've got your Weird News of the Day, and I'll take your calls all throughout the morning.  You never know what's gonna happen when you tune in to Mornings with Mar-Tay LIVE weekday mornings on Heaven's Country!  Take It From The Top!

Dr. Bones

Marty Smith

Mornings with Mar-Tay 
6 AM - 10 AM


Marty has been in the Christian Country music scene since 1990.  He started at a small Southern Gospel radio station in Kansas City, MO.     When he first heard Christian Country music, he fell in love with it.  "The very first song I heard was a song by Mid South.  I fell in love with the sound and have been playing the music every since."

Marty's radio experience includes country, inspirational, soft rock and Christian Rock, but his first love in music has always been Christian Country music.  He is the recipient of over two dozen DJ of the Year Awards during his 25 year career, and one of a handful of radio disc jockeys to have won radio awards in two different centuries!  "I'm not old", he jokes, "I've just been fortunate to have been in this genre of music from the start."  

Marty and Les have known each other for over twenty years.  "It's an honor to work with Les and Ted", says Marty.  "I've known Les for over 20 years, and Ted for eighteen years.  Both of these men are the best radio guys I've ever had the privilege of working with."  

Monday's with Micah on Heaven's Country

Micah McCarley

Monday's with Micah
8 AM


Les Roberts

Sunday Evening's with Les
7 PM

Les Roberts has been programming Christian Country since 1984 (making him perhaps the longest serving Christian Country radio host still on the air), first in his native Canada, and now worldwide with the Gospel Country Countdown (heard Sunday nights at 7 PM MT here on Heaven's Country).

Les and his wife Catharine live on an organic farm in Indiana, but with strong ties to Colorado, where their son Jonathan has his family of 5 kids and a very busy wife. The recipient of multiple awards including multiple GMA Canada Covenant Awards, he says (of the awards): "My wife would like her closet space back."

Les and Marty Smith have been close friends for over 20 years. "I'm delighted to be a part of the line up," said Roberts. "I can't think of anyone else I'd rather work with."


Ted Griffin

Mid days with Ted Griffin

10 Am - 3 PM



Cherie McIlvain

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Heaven's Country!

Bev McCann II

Bev McCann

Your Drive Home with Bev McCann
3 PM - 7 PM


Rachel Taylor

Overnights with Rachel Taylor
Midnight - 6 AM


Cherie & Cheyenne McIlvain

The Heaven's Country Revival

with Cherie and Cheyenne McIlvain

Every Saturday and Sunday
Noon - 6 PM

All times are MTN