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It's a Dream Come True!

Meet our Heaven's Country March Featured Artist

Carol Barham!


Featured artist of the month is Recording Artist, singer & songwriter Carol Barham
from Vernon, Alabama. Her new song, God, Oral Roberts and Billy Graham is
currently making its way up the charts.
My wonderful husband and I serve as pastors at Fountain of Life Church in Vernon.
We are blessed with 2 children, Douglas and Mechelle, 6 grandchildren and great
grandchildren whom we adore. We spend as much time as possible with all of them.
Growing up, music was always a part of my life. My brothers played music
anywhere they could, they were always playing guitar around the house and my
sisters and I learned to sing harmony. That was just for fun and it never went
anywhere but I have many fond memories and music has always been a bond for my
siblings & I. Our family was far from perfect; we had a lot of chaos with alcohol
being the center of it. My dad would stay out in the honky tonks, drinking,
spending money on booze that we needed for survival. That behavior led to a lot of
pain for my momma. She was such a strong woman and did what she had to in
order to keep us safe. Anytime that Oral Roberts or Billy Graham would be
scheduled to come on TV, momma would say “now, Billy Graham is coming on
tonight”, or “Oral Roberts is coming on tonight”. It was just a given that we were
going to be tuned in. Seeing that, made an impression on me that I didn’t realize
until recently. In 2015, while in Slidell, LA, getting ready to go on a singing artist
cruise, these words and music came up inside me, “It was God, Oral Roberts and
Billy Graham that helped my momma through.” Immediately, I wrote the words
down and never forgot the tune. I know that was God letting me know that He had
his hand on us all the time.
In 2015, a dream came true when my 1st single, “You’re My Momma” was released
on M.A.C. Records label and hit Cash Box Country Chart. This was a very exciting
and humbling experience. My momma passed away in 2006, she was and still is my
hero, always protecting me and keeping me safe. Truly, “a gift God gave to me”.
In August of 2017, my single, “I Can’t Praise Him Enough” hit Cash Box Country &
Christian Servant (Tommy Smith), Christian Voice Magazine (Randall Wildes), SGN
Scoops (Rob Patz & Vonda Easley). It crossed over from country to southern gospel
and at one time, I Can’t Praise Him Enough was on 5 different major charts! It went
to #20 and has remained on the charts for 20 months. Wow! What an honor!
Thanks to my fans and DJs for playing this song!
In 2018, I was nominated Top 10 Christian country gospel artist at the Christian
voice magazine fan fair awards and the Gold Cross Awards (ICGMA), a very
humbling experience for me and an honor to be chosen.
Now that “God, Oral Roberts and Billy Graham” has hit the charts, I can only imagine
the look on my momma’s face. I know that she’s smiling down on me and proud that
I followed my dream. I thank God for this song and pray that it will be a blessing to
all who hear it. God is the healer of your brokenness and can mend all the ugly, hurt
and bad times of your past.
I’m currently working on my 3rd CD with all original songs. My desire as an artist is
to show the love of Jesus. I’m so grateful to be able to look back and see where God
has brought me from and where I’m going. Never give up, dreams do come true, I’m
living proof!
A special thanks to Marty Smith & Heaven’s County for playing my music and giving
me the opportunity to be the featured artist of the month. To my producer: Dennis
McKay, my label: M.A.C. Records and my promoter: Vonda Easley Armstrong.
Thank you all for believing in me.
Check me out on facebook at Carol Barham and Carol Barham Ministries. Music can
be downloaded on itunes, amazon, spotify & cdbaby.

Clean Country, Pure Country, Heaven's Country!

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